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Dope shit as always. Loved madness combat animations.

What's the name of the song used? I need to add it to my playlist because it is freaking EPIC.

Short, sweet. To the point. And of course, the comical "round 2" thing at the end.

Dope animation, dude!

And this.....

Is where it all began.

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Used to play this game religiously back in the day. Maybe one day I'll beat my 10 million foot record.

Super duper fun. I enjoyed the hell out of this game.

Pretty fun puzzle game. There's a lot of math involved, and I like that. It's a good brain builder. Pretty basic in design, but that's not a really big critique, honestly. Overall, nice game. I enjoy it.

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Pretty dope, man. It has the kind of build-up that could be seen in.... maybe an FPS or zombie survival game. A LOT of potential here, dude.

TheCrazedSide responds:

thank you! This would sound really cool in a zombie game or some horror game. I’ve wanted to make my own game so I’ll keep this in mind.

Pure. Fucking. Beast. Love it!

I gotta hand it to Krinkels. I honestly didn't think there'd be another Madness Combat episode after watching Episode 10. But here we are after.... I think 5 years? 6 Years? I don't know how long it's actually been, but that's okay. This song really captures what's happening in Expurgation to a T. The whole story has become extremely dark up to this point, and so the episode needs something that sounds dark and ominous, and this song perfectly fits the bill.

Love your work, man. Keep this incredibly awesome shit up!

cheshyre responds:

I will do my best. Thank you!

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It's only been a few days since the reveal, and we already have stuff like this floating around.

This is why I love the internet sometimes.

The fact that Chun-Li can actually pull this off amazes me. Nice work, man.

Totally epic. I freaking LOVE rainbow dash.

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